Omnichannel customer experience dashboards with Forty 7 Ronin and the PureCloud platform

Omnichannel customer experience dashboard

Achieve omnichannel customer experience through robust phone, email, SMS, and web chat services in one powerful customer experience dashboard. Learn how your team can have an all-in-one solution for their contact center communication needs. 

Utilizing the PureCloud environment allows your team to better understand when and why customers might be experiencing frustrations. Therefore we can help utilize that automation in order for you to resolve these concerns quicker.

One of the best parts about or process, is that we are not limited to one medium of communication. We operate in a robust omnichannel customer experience environment which allows you to reach you customers to web chat, SMS, email, and traditional phone interactions.

Our processes allow you to completely monitor and control every aspect of your omnichannel customer experience. This means that we can adjust for industry specific key performance indicators, so your decision makers can rest easy.

  • Out-bound Campaign & Alert Management
  • One DashBoard For Agent and Customer
  • Easy-To-Adopt and Deploy Web Based Solution

Your Partners In Implementation

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Our Process

Discovery and Design

We gain an understanding of your current agent and customer needs, allowing us to develop a IVR design tree that keeps your customer happy and containment rate up.

Implementation and Education

After we understand your needs, we then guide you through the implementation process. We help to educate your agents and make sure your platform is functioning as expected.

Follow up and Support

Once things are running smoothly, your team then always has professional experts with industry best practices available to come back and adjust for new KPIs and challenges your team may face.

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